Eating & Drinking OTP: Alpharetta Season: ATLANTA Episode: FIVE Brand: RESTAURANT HOLMES & MAVEN RESTAURANT GROUP Release Date: September 2018

Adam dishes with Restaurant Holmes’ owner, operator and executive chef, Taylor Neary, on Alpharetta’s influence on Atlanta’s food scene

Alpharetta is having a (12 for 12) moment.

Cool communities aren’t built overnight. But as Kevin Costner’s character discovered in Field of Dreams, if you build it they will come. When they do, rest assured, they’ll be hungry. And in the case of food-forward Alpharetta, GA, you may be surprised what they’re eating.

Located 25 minutes north of downtown, Alpharetta is one of Atlanta’s fastest growing suburbs outside the perimeter (or OTP as the locals say). A burgeoning business center attracting Fortune 500 tech giants, Alpharetta is quickly becoming one of Atlanta’s favorite foodie destinations for farm-to-table food, wine and craft cocktails.

In this long-awaited return of 12 for 12, Adam heads to Alpharetta’s Restaurant Holmes, South Main Kitchen and Butcher & Brew to taste the flavors that are promoting revitalization, bringing great brands to a community, and in turn, creating the resurgence of a great community. But before you watch, a warning: food porn abounds, viewer discretion advised. Enjoy!


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