Episode: FOUR


Release Date: September 2017

Some businesses take off because of dream market conditions. Some offer a disruptive product or unique value proposition. Some just enjoy beaucoup seed funding. But it is very seldom a brand launches to applause and stardom by quietly trying to make their community happier. Sharing joy seems so intuitive, yet it’s seldom a key tenant in any business plan. However, sometimes creating unexpected moments of happiness is precisely the thing that works best. This month, 12 for 12 heads to Atlanta’s King of Pops, a community-first purveyor of craft popsicles and more, where this has been their focus from day one.

Atlanta-bred brothers, Steven and Nick Carse, began the company in 2010 after leaving the corporate life behind. Their dream arose after a Central American vacation gave the future-founders a look at how local Paleta vendors produced and sold delicious treats at a low cost, but with tremendous flavor and value to their towns. Thinking of their home state of Georgia, the duo imagined this could translate well to the outdoorsy and community-centric market of Atlanta. After humble beginnings with a recycled push cart, King of Pops has grown its Atlanta footprint over the past seven years to include a dog treat company, “pop-tail” bars, a Christmas tree delivery service and, even, a 60 acre farm—all to the delight of their fans.

The pops that form the core of the business are something special. If you’ve never had the pleasure, know that aside from being responsibly and sustainably created, they’re possibly the best popsicle you’ll ever taste. Flavors like Banana Puddin’, Peach, and Blackberry Ginger Lemonade are some of their best sellers, and King of Pops dairy and greens are all freshly sourced from the Atlanta area.

Since it’s start, King of Pops has hardly looked back, expanding their focus to embrace distribution, brick-and-mortar locations, and even a farm called King of Crops. The farm has become a staple at area farmers markets and offers movie nights, classes, and other public programming to further support the King of Pops community. Each branch they add allows them greater capacity and the chance to experiment in new ways: with a food distribution company, with a bar, or with new responsibly-sourced recipes. Their vision seems as boundless as their compassion, and we can’t wait to see what is next for this brand.

So if you can’t make it to one of King of Pops’ locations across the South for a refreshing Chocolate Sea Salt popsicle, we’re truly sorry, because watching this episode without product-in-hand is a challenge. They bring the best to all aspects of their business, and that’s why this has been such a fun story to tell. Friends and family, 12 for 12 proudly presents this month’s episode: King of Pops.


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